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Gregory Melnick is Of Counsel to Lucosky Brookman LLP. Mr. Melnick focuses his practice in the area of intellectual property law. Mr. Melnick has over a decade of technical and management experience with both small and large-scale information technology software and hardware companies.  As a manager, Mr. Melnick gained experience in contract law, including negotiation skills and interpreting service level agreements. Prior to working as an attorney, Mr. Melnick worked in a technical capacity as a network administrator, database manager, cabling and Service Delivery Manager for various companies, including Hewlett Packard Co. and NBC/Universal Media, LLC.  Technical tasks included database management, audio/visual cable fabrication and installation (e.g., fiber optic, coaxial, etc.), and computer hardware, software, and network support and maintenance.


Mr. Melnick has extensive patent prosecution experience in a wide variety of fields, including electronics, computer systems, computing software, cellular technology, data transport systems (e.g., fiber optics, submarine communications, wireless, etc.), optoelectronics, semiconductor devices, solar technology, memory devices, nanotechnology, chip fabrication, automatic speech recognition systems, biotechnology, and a variety of mechanical systems.


Mr. Melnick has extensive experience in both drafting and prosecuting software-related cases. This experience includes drafting applications to avoid statutory matter rejections under section 101, and successfully prosecuting applications in which statutory matter rejections under section 101 have been asserted by the USPTO.  Mr. Melnick has drafted and successfully prosecuted a variety of software and hardware-related cases including subject matter directed to software applications related to the Internet, sorting algorithms, optimization problems, computer migration, database administration, software-based control systems, server technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), processing devices, caching and memory storage, neural networks, machine learning, energy distribution algorithms, and many others.

Mr. Melnick received his Juris Doctor from St. John's University School of Law where he was the Articles and Notes Editor of the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review. Mr. Melnick received his undergraduate degree from St. John's University. Mr. Melnick is admitted to the bar of New York and is a registered patent attorney.


St. John's University
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St. John's University


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