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Relationship Focused. Results Driven.

Lucosky Brookman is a corporate law firm directly serving the small and middle markets. Located across the United States with offices in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Austin, TX, Washington D.C., and Kansas City, we represent domestic and international clients in a variety of sophisticated corporate, and securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and other critical business and finance matters.

We believe that building, cultivating and nurturing trust-based relationships combined with mutual respect directly impacts the quality of the results we obtain for our clients. We actively strive to be so much more than the typical paper tiger attorney.  We understand that there is more to a successful attorney client relationship than a contract or a brief and a bill.  We pride ourselves on carefully listening to you, asking thoughtful questions of you and most importantly working hard to build a proactive action plan to deliver outstanding results for you.

Our Value Proposition

Our Firm is built on certain core principles that allow us to provide our clients the support and team work that is needed to adjust to changes in their businesses, fluctuations in the economic environment and to better manage the regulatory landscape. We provide a comprehensive and sustained focus on service at the highest levels to meet and anticipate our clients’ evolving needs. Quite simply, our entrepreneurial spirit, relentless business focus, proactive problem solving ability, and our constant desire to find fresh ways to add value is the core of who we are as a firm.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are not just a law firm, we are business owners. Unlike some of our larger competitors, we understand what it takes to run and grow a business with an eye towards the bottom line. As a Firm we are focused on getting positive results for our clients.  We know what it is like to get up early each morning and stay up late each night, constantly striving to grow the business.  Like you, we are driven to succeed and to help our clients to succeed at every step.  We are goal-oriented, focused and passionate when it comes to working on behalf of our clients.

Problem Solving Ability

Unlike other law firms, we value practical experience as much as legal expertise. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to know our clients' business. As a Firm, we strive to proactively address client concerns and not simply react to them.  Problem solving is a Firm priority.  As a result, we are able to recognize and alert our clients to legal and business issues even before our clients know that they exist. Clients value our proactive, hands-on, innovative approach and our ability to work alongside them to achieve their business goals.

Efficiency & Added Value

As a client of Lucosky Brookman, you will have access to our rolodex of relationships at your disposal. The Firm distinguishes itself from many other transactional law firms by virtue of its entrepreneurial spirit and not being afraid to use its rolodex to benefit its clients with introductions to capital, service professionals and/or strategic partners when appropriate. Clients also benefit from the Firms working relationships with the regulatory agencies, including the SEC and FINRA, and listing exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ.

We have substantial contacts and relationships with numerous individual lawyers, boutique law firms and large law firms throughout the United States and abroad in almost every specialty of law. This allows the Firm to quarterback a project or transaction while allowing our clients to obtain guidance in specific areas of the law in which the Firm does not practice (e.g. environmental law and trust and estates). Through these affiliations, our legal team can be as large or as small as is necessary for any particular matter. This ensures that our clients receive the legal representation that they need with a price that they can afford.

Business Focus

Unlike many firms with generalized law practices that have general experience in several areas of law, but expertise in none, our Firm specializes in the business-centric areas of law, including, corporate finance, securities, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, business planning, commercial and securities litigation, insurance coverage and defense, intellectual property, and real estate, among others.

We understand the driving legal and business issues in each stage of a company's business life cycle. With an appreciation for efficiency and our clients' expectations, we deliver clear, concise and cost-effective legal representation. Clients count on us for reliable advice they can immediately put into action.

Flexible Fee Structures

The Firm has adopted a flexible approach to fee arrangements in a rapidly changing law firm economic landscape. We understand that clients not only want to control the overall cost of legal counsel, but also value predictability and accountability. Our flexible approach to fee arrangements means collaborating with our clients to best meet their needs for high-quality legal work delivered economically, efficiently, and predictably. We work with clients to create effective fee arrangements based on the matter and project involved, which we strongly believe to be mutually beneficial for both the Firm and the client.

In addition to a standard hourly arrangement, the Firm’s confidence in its ability to drive transactions to closing allows us to offer our clients success-based fee arrangements, flat-fees, hybrid fixed fees, as well as payment in equity in certain instances. Our clients appreciate these alternative fee arrangements as it often aligns all parties’ interests.

“Joseph Lucosky and his team at Lucosky Brookman are the hardest working and most proactive attorneys I have ever dealt with in my professional career. For me they were hands down the best choice when deciding to restructure my company and pursue an Uplisting from the OTC to the NASDAQ. Their work ethic, judgment and advice are second to none. They inspire confidence and respect from everyone even in the most stressful circumstances. Specifically, Joseph’s commitment to execution and not “lawyer talk” is refreshing and his unwavering commitment to results was superior to other attorneys I have worked with. I highly recommend Joseph and his team at Lucosky Brookman if you are a CEO that appreciates clear advice and a results driven approach to this crazy micro/small cap world. To put in plainly Lucosky Brookman gets results.”

Grant R. Johnson
CEO Esports Entertainment Group Inc.

“Lucosky Brookman is the best boutique securities and corporate finance law firm in the business.  Always working, always reliable and always driving towards results.  I highly recommend the Firm, especially to companies that are rapidly growing, very acquisitive or looking to achieve next-level results.  They have deep industry relationships and transactional experience that transcends most other law firms.”

Justin Schreiber
Chief Executive Officer, LifeMD, Inc.

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We provide a broad range of legal services within each of our core practice areas, with particular emphasis in the critical business centric areas that both private and public companies rely upon to advance their businesses every single day.

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We currently represent numerous public companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ, as well as companies quoted on the OTC Marketplace, including the OTCQX, OTCQB, and Pink Sheets.

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