Lucosky Brookman’s Intellectual Property Practice Group provides experienced legal representation counseling clients in all areas of intellectual property law.  The Firm specializes in both transactional and litigation patent law, including patent, trademark and copyright prosecution and litigation, as well as due diligence and licensing. 


Lucosky Brookman provides patent prosecution services in a wide variety of technical areas. Representative technical areas include: electronics; mechanical devices; surgical tools and systems; computer architecture; software; and chemical or biological innovations. In addition, the Firm provides trademark prosecution services for word marks, service marks, logos, slogans, certifications, etc., for any brand in any industry. The Firm provides copyright prosecution services for all works of art, program code, jewelry, clothing and apparel patterns, photographs, music recordings, literary works, etc.


Litigation, especially in the intellectual property field, can be resource-intensive. While litigation is sometimes necessary in order to achieve a resolution in a matter, our goal is to negotiate a fair settlement whenever possible. When litigation cannot be avoided, we assist our clients from the outset. This may include preparing cease and desist letters, conducting infringement reviews, evaluating defensive positions and counterclaims, preparing and filing complaints in Federal courts, conducting discovery, handling motion practice, and providing and executing a trial strategy.


Lucosky Brookman files patent, trademark and copyright applications throughout the world. Our clients to take advantage of international treaties such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) or direct filing in other countries to ensure world-wide coverage for patentable innovations.  With respect to trademarks, our clients to take advantage of International treaties such as the Madrid Protocol to ensure global coverage for their marks. 


Lucosky Brookman provides in-depth and comprehensive due diligence services. These can include legal evaluation of patents and trademarks in contemplation of, or as a result of, mergers and acquisitions, as collateral for loan advances, and other circumstances. We work closely with business counsel to evaluate patent and trademark portfolios.



Lucosky Brookman drafts, reviews and negotiates licensing agreements for intellectual property transfers, and royalty agreements. We can also assist in drafting and securing non-disclosure agreements.